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They’re soaked in a natural, plant-derivative called bakuchiol, 7% lactic acid, and a papaya fruit acid — which, when combined, offer the same skin exfoliating benefits as retinol without the irritating side effects. It’s filled with vitamins (A, B, C, ad E), antioxidants, collagen, peptides, and hyaluronic acid, and contains SPF of 50, perfect for all of our sunny days ahead. There’s perfect silence as ping-pong king Matt Kuchar hooks miles left. It’s perfect for storing makeup, brushes, and skin care and comes with a convenient removeable pouch that you can hang, great for when you’re traveling (and there’s another wipeable pouch for holding spillables like liquid foundation or skin toner). With enough space for up to 90 days, this journal is perfect for reflecting on the day’s events. Probably large enough to accommodate Rihanna’s lush faux locs in Ocean’s 8, Ariana Grande’s signature flowing ponytail, the late Amy Winehouse’s trademark beehive, and Diana Ross’ famous afro.

This product possesses everything you want in a shower cap: a secure elastic band, sturdy design, and large size. I had my hair in large twists to wear my hair big and poofy for the next day, so I definitely wanted protection. Waist-cascading box braids or passion twists can comfortably fit into this sack-like shower accessory. When absorbed into the water supply, velvet durag it can negatively effect aquatic life. A natural alternative to protein treatments is washing hair with fermented rice water to nourish hair. Since the world was under quarantine for several months, I decided that there was no better time to give my edges some TLC by wearing low-manipulation natural styles. Swimma produces protective headwear for swimmers with natural hairstyles—locs, twists, natural hair, etc.—so who better to trust when trying to protect your hair in the shower? If it rained or was humid out, you better believe I asked for a doobie. In fact, she’s asked several times to wear her bonnet to public places like the grocery store (especially when it’s raining because water and hairstyles don’t mix).

Don’t be fooled by the seemingly small appearance of this cap. So you don’t like wearing foundation but would love some type of coverage to even out your skin tone? Even more: there’s a shoulder strap and an elastic side band that slips over your luggage handle to make for easy runs through airports. Leave it to luxury luggage company Triforce to create a functional yet stylish hard-shell carrying case for all of your beauty products. Johnson cracks a beauty from way back and gets a lucky bounce to find the green. 8.41: The ever-impressive and ever-reliable Dufner is in prime position on the sixth green after more pinpoint iron play, Silk Durag but McIlroy follows Poulter into the sand with a lousy wedge following a 350-yard drive. Either way, the result will be glowing, more healthy-looking skin. Nearly three months in and more than pleased with the results, here are my secrets.

Our lips are one of our most neglected parts of our body, especially coming off a long and cold winter. 18 by getting the duo, which allows you to keep one in your bathroom and the other in your travel kit. Housekeeping notes: be sure to exfoliate your skin for a flake-free application, use this on your body only and be sure to patch test, and keep in mind it doesn’t contain SPF—you’ll still need a sunscreen. So I patch tested it on my thigh first, and wow, the color really showed (I mean really showed). With thirty shades to choose from, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a color that suits your skin tone. Think you’ll never be a candidate for an exfoliating product because you have sensitive skin? Many cleansers can strip the body of natural oils because they’re loaded with skin-drying detergents and sulfates, one reason your skin can feel tight coming out of the shower.