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Stricker splashes into the wet stuff and Woods drifts right of the green with the pin cut left. Rita looked incredible on the superyacht trip as she showcased her toned curves in a tiny metallic blue bikini top and green thong bottoms. 3. Now that they are placed on top of one another sew them together leaving an opening large enough to put elastic through and to pull the material right side out. 6. Now that the bonnet is turned right side out, sew a hem on the perimeter of the bonnet. Customers state that these bonnets are a bit on the smaller side. Bit of a let off after a poor chip from Rose. Webb is straight and true but Rose drifts left into the rough. 6.30: Simpson plays first into the opening green and is left with 25 feet for birdie. The US Open champion is making putt after putt this afternoon and his seventh birdie in 13 holes takes America four up with five to play. 8.06: Dufner’s putt swings downhill towards the cup – he thinks he’s got it – but the ball refuses to fall below ground.

I have no idea what’s going on in your life right now but I’m claiming deliverance because you’re being hateful under the guise of toxic positivity and “support”. Measure the size of your head (or the person you’re sewing for) then add one inch to the number you get. When you’re done with flipping the fabric, you should have something like the one in the picture below. Raids on cars have been on the rise with the site the third to be targeted by criminals in the last year. Note: I have tried this with glue (e600 and fabric glue). Next I cut along this line with my fabric scissors and once opened it created my circle. Then I proceeded to cut out the circle. I recently lost misplaced my satin bonnet that I’ve had for years and I figured this was the perfect time to whip out my sewing machine and make my own. This reversible bonnet is easy to make and can be worn in and out as its name implies you can wear both sides. 4.39: Rose splashes out of the sand to two feet, brilliant, Silk Durag brilliant shot. Superb pairing. ‘We won ugly,’ says Rose.

8.36: Welcome to the party, Justin Rose! 5.11: Huge hole now, the 17th, for Poulter and Rose. And Poulter wins the hole with one of the gutsiest swinging putts you’ll see. Oliver Twist (can’t wait for you all to see it next year!). She captioned it: ‘For my darlings, work or a struggle pays off if you are patient enough to see it through! Unfortunately, many women struggle to find the right method of wrapping their hair. If you have very long hair or wear your hair in long styles, opt for an oversized silk or satin bonnet or a large scarf. A bonnet was also ripped off a white Ford Fiesta in a separate incident. Share Another bonnet was stolen from a white Ford Fiesta earlier this week at the same hospital. Research has shown that sleeping in a satin or silk scarf, bonnet or pillowcase can prevent your hair from being drained of its moisture which can cause breakage because of the constant friction and contact while sleeping. If you typically forget your bonnet at bedtime, opt for a satin pillowcase.

Finally I took the elastic band, which I measured beforehand to the circumference of my sisters head (the bonnet was for her). Close the opening (where the elastic and pin). Tuck the extra fabric from the opening inside. This satin sleep cap features two layers, so your hair is extra protected while you snooze. Using a Slap Cap is straightforward. Since Grace Eleyae introduced the Slap Cap in 2014, cheap durags the cap has gained a sizable following of both women and men with natural hair. You want to try your hand at making a stocking cap. It could be sown by hand or with a sewing machine. In this article, we talk about the right way to sleep with curly hair, its importance, and how you can keep your curls intact. After I matched them, I starting pinning the fabrics together to keep them in place. It was important for me that the product was produced locally in Canada and made from natural fabrics. After your two fabrics are sewn together it’s time to make more markings for the elastic.

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