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A successful silk press is all about using the right tools and technique. The doobie is a protective technique that has been used by Black and Latina women to preserve heat-treated straight hairstyles for years. Since heatless hairstyles give your hair a much-needed break from hot tools, you even might notice your locks feel stronger and more hydrated — but again, getting the best results is all about the prep work. 6.58: This is more like it! Trading in your signature kinks and coils for a straightened ‘do can make a naturalista feel like a brand new woman. These curls will gradually fall, giving way to beautiful waves, but you won’t feel pressured to re-style your hair with more heat. It’s made from satin, which has the same silky feel and won’t create friction or cause breakage. It mimics a professional keratin treatment, giving you the same shine and frizz-control, without a trip to the salon. Not only will this keep your hair from being frizzy when you let your braids loose, it’ll also protect your hair from friction while giving it the proper moisture it needs all night long.

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Being from Waco, you’d think I would visit the Dr. Pepper museum from time. For those with finer hair, Scott suggests using “less product, as it will weigh the hair down and make it look greasy.” If you’re worried about leave-in conditioner being too heavy for your hair, try a lightweight anti-frizz spray. Using frizz-fighting products that seal your strands, from conditioners to hairsprays to styling creams, can coat your hair with necessary humidity blockers. Wearing a satin style like Kaz’s can help protect hair overnight, preventing split ends and helping reduce friction. That’s why proper wrapping is so essential — It helps preserve your style and seals in moisture for a longer period of time. Unfortunately, for many of us, eight hours of snoozing leads to more of a tangled mess than a care-free ready-to-go style. 5.06: But Poulter’s chip is duffed and Rose has eight feet for a bogey.

When done correctly, it’s the perfect go-to for temporarily transforming your kinks and curls without permanently compromising your hair texture. Now that I have shorter (read: shoulder-length) hair, my previous go-to nighttime styles don’t work anymore. I don’t have to spend ages brushing and styling my hair to get ready. Rosenkranz said. Regular elastics can cause breakage and get tangled in your hair, which is why he suggests using a more gentle hair tie, like these. For a more affordable option, Campos recommends this one from Kristin Ess. Sleeping without one can dry your hair out or cause breakage and other hair woes. Suitable for 1840s- early 1870’s. One size only. As tempting as it is to re-straighten frizzy strands every other day to stretch a blowout, nobody wants to risk over heat styling natural hair. So Shop TODAY consulted with top hairstylists to get their tips for keeping your strands smooth and frizz-free all night long.

Dew on grass in the sunset - free stock photo Start by combing out your hair from roots to ends so it’s straight and smooth. All hair types need to start with a leave-in conditioner, Silk Durag but the ideal formula will depend on your hair type. Making sure you pick the best braid for your hair type and desired curl pattern may take some time and practice, but it’s everything when you sleep in braids. It’s important to note that the type of flat iron you use plays a huge role in the results. The more curls you add from the beginning, the less likely you are to use a straightener as a crutch for the next few days. 20. This price is more than some may want to spend on a sleep cap. For those who shower right before bed, taking the time to blow dry your hair may not seem super appealing, but it will save you precious time taming your strands in the morning. Whether you make a salon visit or tackle pressing your strands yourself, finding ways to make a blowout on natural hair last is no easy feat. It’s essential that your mane be secured at night so NEVER go without tying your hair up if you want a shot at a long-lasting blowout.

16. You have to ignore the burn of your perm or the sizzle of the hot comb because all you want is for your hair to be super straight. That friction will worsen any tangles or knots that you already have in your hair when you go to bed. It’s imperative to protect your natural texture from damage by coating your hair with a lightweight heat protectant. They do not damage hair or cause harm to the scalp. Powell also recommends waiting six to 12 weeks between each silk press session to retain length and minimize heat damage. Powell. This is the most crucial step to achieving a silk press with lots of body and movement. A silk press is the modern approach to the old school hot comb press that temporarily converts textured, curly hair to a bone-straight, silk-like finish. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase can do wonders for your beauty routine, especially when you sleep in braids.